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Continuing Fortunes in the C4 Value Chain

This report continues the analysis “developing fortunes in the C4 value chain” published in 2012.   Since this time the business landscape has evolved dramatically, with the C4 value chain in 2020 exposed to an extraordinary set of circumstances that are shaping its prospects for development in the near term.   These include: global economic turmoil impacting demand due to the coronavirus pandemic; reclining refinery and petrochemicals production; structural changes in global olefin investments and feedstock selection; and uncertainties in natural rubber supply and pricing.

  Nexant’s new study 'Continuing Fortunes in the C4 Value Chain' will  provide up-to-date detailed analysis into the principal industry dynamics that will shape the C4 value chain over the next decade.  This new report will assist our clients to better understand the key issues and to position themselves effectively to address the challenges that the industry faces.