Alastair Hensman

Senior Vice President, Consulting EMEA

Alastair Hensman is a Senior Vice President at NexantECA.  Alastair leads consulting activities out of the London office, and also leads many of the Project Finance engagements that are executed out of the London, NexantECA's lead office for such engagements in the EMEA region.

Alastair has wide ranging experience gained over 20 years consulting for NexantECA (previously ChemSystems) on energy and chemical themes.  Over this time his activities have ranged from developing and managing the company's market forecasting capability, leading sales and project execution on consulting engagements (throughout Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union), and leading major Lenders Technical and Market advisor engagements for Project Finance throughout the EMEA region. This includes multiple award winning Project Finance engagements in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Alastair's interests focus on adding value to hydrocarbons and he carries out engagements ranging from gas monetisation and refinery studies through a wide range of chemical processing to market supply optimisation issues.  He is in regular contact with industry executives, financiers, and legal advisors on all aspects of such opportunities.​

Current areas of focus:

  • Business Audits/Business Plan Reviews/Marketing Plans
  • Project Feasibility
  • Commercial & Market Analysis
  • Technology Evaluation 
  • Project Finance
  • ​Supply Chain​ and Procurement Strategy
  • Olefins​ and Derivatives
  • Bulk polymers
  • Aromatics
  • Aromatic Derivatives
  • Downstream Oil
  • Gas
  • Ports, Pipelines, and Infrastructure​