Richard Sleep


Richard Sleep is the President of NexantECA, an ambassador for the depth of technical, market and economic expertise of the company. He has worked in the energy and chemicals industry since 1978 including positions in engineering, production, business management, trading, and consulting.

Prior to joining NexantECA he held positions with ICI Plastics, BP Chemicals, and Metallgesellschaft. Mr. Sleep specializes in strategic consulting, industry insight – particularly in current sustainability issues, market modelling / forecasting, and project finance support. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Bristol University, UK and is a Chartered Engineer. He has extensive experience in the oil and refined products, petrochemicals, ammonia and fertilizers, green chemicals and plastics sectors.


Current areas of focus:

  • Industry trends and challenges in meeting carbon reduction goals
  • Strategic Advice
  • Project Finance
  • M&A due diligence