September 10, 2019

Moving towards a circular economy for hydrocarbon raw materials

Circular Economy for Hydrocarbon Raw Materials

Marine plastic has become a major environmental problem stemming in particularly from countries with poor waste management systems. Ambitions to reduce waste will require monumental change in both consumer behavior and infrastructure.  Recycling is a key part of the solution, but conventional recycling options depend upon the quality of the source material and the products decrease in value with declining quality of feeds. 

Commercialisation of technology to process mixed streams of waste into higher value fuels and chemicals offers a complementary solution to traditional recycling. In this paper, Nexant explores the technology, markets and policy surrounding tertiary recycling of waste via Plastics-to-Fuels and Plastics-to-Chemicals technology.


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Jonathan Bourne, Vice President - Nexant

Richard Platt, Senior Consultant - Nexant

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