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Global ultra high molecular weight polyethylene market snapshot

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Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most widely used plastics with a global demand of more than 118 million tons and has the simplest chemical structure of all the commercial polymers.  Polyethylene is prepared either via free radical polymerisation or via coordination polymerisation using a catalyst. 

Based on the polymer architecture and resulting density, polyethylene are classified into high density polyethylene (HDPE); few short or no branches), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE); many short branches) and low density polyethylene (LDPE; both long and short chain branches).  While these three classes of polyethylene are widely known, it is possible to produce other polyethylene architectures, one of which is the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). UHMWPE is so named because these materials have a molar mass of over a million g/mol whereas HDPE typically has a molar mass between 50 000 to 300 000 g/mol.

There are many categories of UHMWPE grades offered by existing manufacturers for wide ranging applications including: medical grade implant, medical grade fibres, battery separator, filters, membranes, high-strength fibres, additives, and general grades for sheets, rods and profiles.

Global demand for UHMWPE resin was estimated at 475 000 tons in 2023, with China the largest consumer of UHMWPE resin. 

From an end-use perspective, the fibre and battery separator applications, which together account for over 50 percent of global demand are the fastest growing segments.  The presence of a large number of battery manufacturing facilities across China, the U.S. and Western Europe contributes to the demand for battery separators and is expected to have a positive impact on UHMWPE demand, especially with the new EV policy in the United States, and the government targets of phasing-out of internal combustion engine passenger cars in advanced economies. Ongoing investments in battery separator manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific is expected to further boost demand.

Future growth of UHMWPE in batter separator applications will be driven by the increasing penetration of EVs globally. The overall growth rate for electric vehicles in the past few years is even more striking when taking into consideration the fact that EV penetration has so far been confined to a relatively small number of individual markets.  Most notably, North America and Asia – largely led by the United States and China – which accounted for a combined share of about 66 percent of the global stock of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and Plug in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEVs) in 2022.  Most of the remainder of the global stock is concentrated in Western Europe. 

Mechanical equipment, employed mostly as engineering plastics and components in manufacturing and industrial machinery is the second largest end-use.  Fibre is the third largest application.  The demand for fibres in body armour and helmets, as well as cut-resistant gloves and high-strength ropes is more concentrated in developed countries such as the United States and Western Europe, which have relatively high military expenditure budgets compared to other countries, although China supplies the global market with much of the body armour and cut-resistant gloves requirement. 

China has the largest UHMWPE resin capacity globally.  Global capacity has increased by nearly 300 000 tons per year since 2019, driven mainly by the capacity expansions in China and South Korea.  Capacity expansion is expected to continue in China with a number of projects in progress.

Currently the UHMWPE market is oversupplied with global operating rates in 2023 below 70 percent.  However, operating rates will improve boosted by EV battery demand, with manufacturers announcing new capacity in China, the United States and Western Europe.


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