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February 16, 2021

WEBINAR - COVID pandemic effects on the polyester industry

COVID pandemic effects on the polyester industry

Note, this Webinar was held on the Tuesday, February 16  - if you missed it Contact Us for further information.

The COVID pandemic came at a bad time for the polyester industry, which was already on a steep downturn due to capacity addition in China.  Demand showed remarkable resilience, however. 

Fibre mills re-opened quickly after shutdowns during the initial confinements.  Bottled drinks sales reconfigured around formats for home consumption rather than those normally consumed when working or travelling.  Low oil prices and surging upstream capacity dropped input costs and upstream margins, causing a sharp drop in PET resin and fibre prices, and thus aiding competitiveness against both recycle and alternative materials.  The outlook remains challenging, with a massive capacity build underway at all stages in the polyester chain in China.  While Chinese coal-based MEG suffers in the lower oil price environment, a new methanol-based process is being trialled at a world-scale plant in China, which could radically change the global MEG market if successful.


We will be hosting two sessions:
Tuesday, February 16 @ 10AM GMT Click here to register
Tuesday, February 16 @ 2PM GMT Click here to register

About the Presenter

Stewart Hardy, Senior Consultant

Stewart Hardy has 20 years’ experience developing NexantECA’s market analysis and outlooks within the Markets and Profitability program.  Stewart has deep understanding of the polyester value chain and leads NexantECA research on the virgin and recycled polyester markets as well as supporting mergers and acquisitions work in the sector.  


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