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October 05, 2021

Our Global Petrochemical Industry training course, presented virtually this 5-7 October, 2021

NexantECA Training

We will once again be hosting our flagship training course, 'The Global Petrochemical Industry' virtually this 5-7 October. This course has helped over ten thousand professionals for more than three decades and is widely recognized as the original and most comprehensive training course for the Energy & Chemicals industries.


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About this course

This three-day Virtual Learning course provides a thorough analysis of the petrochemical industry, from oil and gas, through the refinery and major value chains. The course also explores topics of technology, profitability and markets and provides a combination of comprehensive concepts and specific examples that help you understand how the industry works.


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Key Topics Covered

  • Feedstocks – From oil, gas, and coal to biomass; where they come from and how they influence the economics
  • Chemical building blocks – How the seven basic petrochemical building blocks are converted into the industry’s most important products
  • Technology and economics – Their inter-dependency and the impact of new technologies
  • Market of each key chemical – Supply, demand, and trade
  • Change – The industry’s massive restructuring
  • Main players – The petrochemical players and their history
  • Major applications – Fertilizers, polymers (plastics, fibers, paints, rubbers, resins, etc.), consumer products, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Hot topics – Biorenewables, coal to chemicals, methanol to olefins, the shale revolution, etc.

For more information, please contact us. We hope to see you there.