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November 22, 2023

WEBINAR - Ammonia as a hydrogen carrier

Ammonia as a Hydrogen Carrier

Note, this Webinar was held on November 22nd - if you missed it Contact Us for further information

NexantECA’s Ivan Zovich will present results from our recently published Technoeconomics – Energy and Chemicals (TECH) report titled “ammonia as a hydrogen carrier”. The webinar will cover the ammonia cracking process, cost of production for hydrogen from blue and green ammonia cracking and present some key findings from the comparative value chain analyses (economic and carbon intensity) for liquefied hydrogen versus hydrogen from ammonia cracking.


Wednesday, November 22 @ 9AM GMT

Duration: 45 minutes

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Wednesday, November 22 @ 3PM GMT

Duration: 45 minutes

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Ammonia as a Hydrogen Carrier (2023 Program)

The report provides a comprehensive review of the technology landscape for ammonia cracking, covering major licensors and emerging technologies. The economic analysis describes production costs for hydrogen from ammonia cracking in Western Europe and Japan (importers of low carbon ammonia in the hydrogen economy). A value chain analysis comparing the cost per delivered ton of hydrogen through direct transport of liquefied hydrogen versus hydrogen via ammonia cracking is presented for blue and green hydrogen / ammonia. A carbon intensity analysis covering scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for the value chains described is also detailed, with commentary around the potential cost implications under the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM).


Download our 'Ammonia as a Hydrogen Carrier - Cost and Carbon Intensity' Thought Piece


About the Presenter...

Ivan Zovich, Senior Analyst

Ivan Zovich is a Senior Analyst at NexantECA with a focus on battery raw material supply chains and sustainable technologies. Ivan has a background in chemistry, previously holding process science roles in industrial gases (BOC, part of the Linde Group) and sugar manufacture (British Sugar).




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