London, UK
Monday, June 8, 2020

Announcement from NexantECA Leadership: Taking a Stand

At NexantECA, we assert that diversity, equity, and inclusion matter. The continued violence and systemic racism toward people and communities of colour have made us pause and reflect on these commitments. These communities endure many problems in our society; from racism, to higher energy bills, to environmental pollution, to higher cases of COVID-19, and other injustices. Collectively, we must do more to ensure justice for all.

We believe in speaking out against violence and in standing up for equity. We support peaceful protests and advocacy against the injustices and indignities faced by communities of colour. We believe in raising awareness and we encourage everyone to drive progressive change that will hold us to our highest ideals. We are committed to finding and implementing ways to act on equity-centred solutions and address injustice in the work we do every day. While our business is energy-centred, we have a role to play in achieving equity and racial justice.

Basem Sarandah, CEO
Richard Sleep, Executive Vice President

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