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Thursday, November 12, 2020

New Analysis: Impact of Sustainability on the Fertilizer Sector

Nexant Energy and Chemicals Advisory Special Reports program publishes a new report on 'Impact of Sustainability on the Fertilizer Sector'

Fertilizers are essential for human life, but are increasingly criticized by sustainability movements for the negative impacts on the environment of their production, transport, and use.  In order to comply with sustainability goals and mandates, key questions must be addressed by the sector and its manufacturers. The business fundamentals are changing quickly, with demand being destroyed and product preferences shifting, causing threats and creating opportunities.

NexantECA’s new Special Report Impact of Sustainability on the Fertilizer Sector” explores elements of a winning road map for companies in the fertilizer sector to thrive in an increasingly sustainability-driven market.

This study incorporates expertise NexantECA has gained over many years of examining the fertilizer sector as well as the knowledge obtained while engaged in sustainability activities. Thus, the information used to develop this report is derived from in-house sources as well as information provided by technology developers, companies, conversations with sustainability experts, and publicly available resources. The report includes:

  • Discussion of sustainability issues that are increasingly putting pressure on fertilizer producers, distributors, retailers, and users
  • Identification of key sustainability drivers that are effecting change in the fertilizer business
  • Discussion of practical technologies across the value chain that make fertilizers more sustainable and help meet sustainability goals, identifying which are working today or near-commercial
  • Identification of companies that have the right products and practices to succeed in an environment that features intense pressure to improve sustainability
  • Recommendations of practical action steps that can be taken in the short, medium, and long term – the  technologies, products, and practices that will enable companies in the fertilizer sector to satisfy sustainability demands
  • Conclusions and recommendations in a road map to improve sustainability.

Click here to view the Table of Contents of the Report.

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