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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

New NexantECA workshop for 2021 - 'Understanding Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition'

Understanding Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition

HYDROGEN: Clean and Powerful - Understanding Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition

Join Vice President Manuel Asali, Managing Consultant Thomas Heinrich and Principal Stephen B. Harrison as they present a new Hydrogen workshop.

The world’s energy transition is gathering speed and hydrogen will play a key role in it as a clean fuel and energy carrier.  Hydrogen has significant potential as an energy source:  it is abundant and clean and it can be used directly as a fuel or as a source for other fuels.  But perhaps most importantly, hydrogen can be used in combination with renewable electricity, either producing it, storing it or being produced by it.

However, hydrogen has challenges.  Most hydrogen produced today comes from fossil fuels which generate green-house gases.  Clean hydrogen is possible but expensive and storing and transporting it requires investment.

Amid these complexities and opportunities, NexantECA is launching the new training workshop

Key Topics Covered

  • Hydrogen sources
  • The hydrogen supply chain
  • Demand scenarios for conventional and new uses
  • Economic assessment
  • Regulation
  • Interdependence with renewable energy

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NexantECA will present this two-day workshop starting in the first quarter of 2021 as a public course and as an in-house workshop that can be tailored to a company’s specific areas of interest. Depending on the health situation and the travel restrictions at the time, NexantECA will present workshops either in person or remotely.


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