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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New Report Launch: Low Carbon Intensity Ethylene - A Technoeconomic and Carbon Intensity Study

NexantECA Low Carbon Intensity Ethylene - A Technoeconomic and Carbon Intensity Study

The focus of sustainability has shifted in the past decade—from a biobased model based upon carbon-14 content to a carbon intensity based model, based upon the emissions resulting from the production of the product. This may mean that a biobased alternative will be the most sustainable, but not in all cases. Increasingly, many major market players including most international energy companies, chemical companies, and logistics and shipping companies have stated intentions of reducing their carbon intensity.   A majority have even stated ambitions of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and expect either a tax on carbon emissions or a credit for reductions.   Increasingly, the financial sector is weighing carbon emissions in investment and are unwilling to fund what they see as ‘dirty projects’.

To help producers and consumers understand the space and help navigate these changes, NexantECA has examined the routes to lower carbon intensity ethylene and comparing their relative cost of production and carbon intensities in various regions in the new Special Report, Low Carbon Intensity Ethylene: A Technoeconomic and Carbon Intensity Study.

This report compares the various options for lowering carbon intensity of ethylene production via technoeconomic, carbon intensity, and strategic analysis. Regional cost and carbon intensity baselines, comparative carbon intensities (including breakdown and analysis by Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions) of decarbonization configurations, cost of productions, and impacts of carbon tax/credits on competitiveness (including break-even values) are analyzed across four regions: US, Brazil, China, and Western Europe. Additional regions/countries are available as an add-on.



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