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New Report Launch: A market insights report on green solvents

NexantECA Green Solvent

Solvents are vital ingredients for chemical processes and products. They are used in a wide range of applications including paints and coatings, adhesives, industrial and institutional cleanings, household and personal care products, pharmaceuticals products, agrochemicals, electronics, and others. Solvent choice can have a significant impact on the perceived “greenness” of a process, as well as having impacts on the emissions of CO2 or VOCs. NexantECA in continuing its focus on sustainable chemicals, has just published Market Insights: Green Solvents - 2022


This report focusses on the commercial and regulatory aspects of the solvents business. It lays out the global regulatory framework and details the regional regulations including US, Canada, Mexico, EU, UK, China, Japan, Brazil, Chile and Columbia, which shape the development of solvent and its end use markets. Green solvents demand is bound to increase thanks to the sustainability megatrends and increasingly stringent regulations. Green solvents are expected to reach 16 percent of the total solvents market by 2035, driven by growth in the paints and coatings, home and personal care, electronics, printing inks, adhesives, and industrial and institutional cleaning, and to a lesser extent agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.


This report investigates the commercial developments in green solvents, and profiles and provides an index (NESMAI – NexantECA Solvent Market Attractiveness Index) of major solvents by region. The NESMAI methodology considers the following six parameters:

  • NexantECA Solvent Sustainability Index (NESSI)
  • Regional regulatory development
  • Product cost/value
  • Market growth of the solvent in the forecast period 2022-2035
  • Competitive intensity within the region
  • Market size


NESMAI Parameters


The categories of solvents include:

  1. Acids
  2. Alcohols
  3. Esters
  4. Ethers
  5. Ketones
  6. Natural Solvents
  7. Proprietary Solvents
  8. Neoteric Solvents


View our Green Solvents - 2022 report table of contents


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