New York, USA
Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Vice President Eric Bober joins The Chemical Show to explore the world of sustainable chemicals

NexantECA - The Chemical Show

NexantECA Vice President Eric Bober joins host Victoria Meyer on The Chemical Show this week to explore the world of sustainable chemicals, the evolution of the chemical industry, the challenges and opportunities of sustainable technologies, and the global shift towards eco-friendly products.


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Victoria and Eric discuss the concept of "colorful technologies," such as green and blue products, and their viability in the market. With a focus on sustainability, they examined the challenges and opportunities for companies in adopting more environmentally friendly practices, emphasizing the importance of scalable, innovative technologies in the journey towards a more sustainable future.


Eric & Victoria offer insights into the following:

  • NexantECA's long standing focus on sustainability in the chemical industry
  • Sustainability in the chemical industry is an evolution, not a revolution
  • Navigating the intersection between politics and profit while staying within regulations and guidelines. 
  • The viability of colorful technologies driven by energy source
  • New opportunities, growth, and a more sustainable future in 2024


"In a sense, the market is looking for revolutionary results, but it really takes an evolutionary approach." - Eric Bober




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