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Biorenewable Insights (BI), provides in-depth evaluations and reliable data on the technology, cost competitiveness and business developments of biorenewable chemicals and fuels.  BI was created in response to the increasing activity in this industry segment in recent years, including entrances and exits of players, emergence and commercialization of new technologies, feedstocks, product types, as well as growing interest from companies in the oil, chemical, financial and other sectors.

Biorenewable Insights builds on our well established TECH program and relies on NexantECA’s history, methodology, and contacts within both the biorenewable and conventional petrochemical industries.  In addition to providing technology descriptions and cost of production models for biorenewables, BI provides additional insights with comprehensive project-by-project capacity analysis and implications for the conventional industry. The creation of the BI program allows TECH to focus on developments within the broader and energy and chemical industry, as it was designed, allowing for a more focused analysis on biorenewables.  

Biorenewable Insight reports typically cover:

Technology Descriptions

  • Chemistry

  • Process flow diagrams and process descriptions

  • Company profiles

Capacity Analysis

  • Announced projects

  • Project-by-project analysis

  • Risk-adjusted project capacities

Process economics –  cost of production technologies for biorenewable technologies

  • Multi-regional cost of production estimates

  • Comparison to the conventional technology

Implications for the conventional industry

  • Upstream and downstream implications

  • Scales and market sizes

  • Cost, price, margins, and return


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