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Petrochemical Simulator

Providing long term forecasts and scenario planning for the global petrochemicals and polymers industry...

NexantECA's Petrochemical Simulator is our proprietary simulation model used to generate all the analysis and forecasts available when subscribing to our Markets and Profitability program.

Our simulation model is an experience-based database running commodity petrochemical business logic algorithms to produce multi-scenario simulations of the global industry.  It is integrated from end-use markets back to polymer consumption to intermediates, through monomers to petrochemical feedstocks.  The model considers inter-material competition, inter-regional price relationships, chain margins, product substitution, logistic costs and trade drivers.  Costs and prices are integrated from crude oil and petrochemical feedstocks through olefins and aromatics to intermediates and polymers.

Contact us to find out more or book a Demo of the Online Database to view the latest output from the Petrochemical Simulator.

What does the Petrochemical Simulator include?

The Petrochemical Simulator analyses 60 petrochemicals and polymers and generates long term forecasts to 2045.

The model currently includes:

  • Capacity monitoring for19,000 global producing assets 

  • Demand by end-use for each product across 40 countries

  • Supply/Demand/Trade analysis for each product across 40 countries

  • Over 600 cost of production models tracked monthly

  • Profitability and price assumptions to generate long term forcasts by key price setting region.

NexantECA can also provide customised forecasts based on your business requirements






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