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World Gas Model

Our World Gas Model is available for clients to use under license on their own systems and is also used by our in-house Global Gas experts to support consultancy assignments and multi-client studies and reports.

The model considers every country in the world which either consumes or produces natural gas.  The World Gas Model is supplied with a comprehensive database on gas production, LNG and pipeline infrastructure, as well as long term contracts, storage facilities and demand projections.  All data needed to run the model is supplied by NexantECA and users are free to add or overwrite the supplied data to construct scenarios of interest to their organizations.

The model projects global, regional and national gas supply and demand balances, international gas trade by pipeline and LNG and both contracted and spot gas prices.  Contract prices are estimated based on projected prices for a basket of escalators – up to five per contract – including gas hub prices as well as more traditional oil and coal prices.

Spot prices are estimated with reference to the cost of supply, competing prices and the “tightness” of the market.

The model is easy to use and includes many useful user-friendly features including the ability to set up regional definitions and a choice of units for output.

NexantECA provides full training and support for the model including quarterly data updates and frequent model development and enhancements.

You do not need to take out a license to benefit from our World Gas Model.  Simply contact NexantECA and we can run scenarios for you.


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