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Providing long term forecasts and scenario planning for the global gas/LNG industry...

NexantECA's World Gas Model provides global, regional and national gas supply and demand balances, international gas trade by pipeline and LNG and both contracted and spot gas prices with long term forecasts to 2052.

The World Gas Model includes every country in the world which either consumes or produces natural gas.  Large countries including Canada, USA, Russia, China, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia are further segmented into sub-regions.  The focus is on the growing international trade of natural gas by cross-border pipeline and LNG and can provide scenarios in response to changing geopolitical scenarios.

The World Gas Model is updated monthly, with long term forecasts generated every quarter - ContactUs to book a demo.

What does the World Gas Model include?

The World Gas Model includes 140 countries (nodes), not including bunker fuel, with nine countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mozambique having multiple nodes.  The World Gas Model enables clients to create  bespoke scenarios using the Base Case, and then changing key assumptions to generate alternative scenarios and sensitivities

The model currently includes:

  • 558, supply entities some are individual fields and some are production assigned to a country
  • 323 announced liquefaction plants recorded in the database.  141 existing plants or plants with FID and therefore likely to happen.
  • 526 announced re-gasification plants recorded in the database.  357 existing plants or plants with FID and therefore likely to happen.
  • 458 total announced pipelines, uni-directional.  357 existing pipelines or pipelines with FID and therefore likely to happen.
  • 3581 potential shipping routes.  Routes include any node with a liquefaction terminal to any node with a regasification terminal.
  • 326 pipeline contracts and 770 LNG contracts

All data needed to run the model is supplied by NexantECA and users are able to add or overwrite the supplied data to construct scenarios of interest for their organizations.

How to access the World Gas Model?

The World Gas Model is available to clients to use under license and runs on a stand- alone computer/laptop. The Excel interface allows users to easily modify/overwrite inputs and data can easily be exported for further analysis.

NexantECA provides full training and support for the World Gas Model including quarterly data updates of the long term forecasts and frequent model development and enhancements.

Alternatively, simply ContactUs at NexantECA and we can run scenarios for you to assist with your annual planning or to assess impact of industry 'shocks'.

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