Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility


Access to extensive databases of commercial information, technology, and production economics

NexantECA can perform project feasibility study quicker and more efficiently without compromising quality due to our extensive in-house information regarding markets, technology and production economics.

NexantECA has an in-house understanding of markets, technology and financial evaluation. We are expertly placed to recommend alternative optimised configurations for consideration by our client, and ensuring the client is guided to make assured decisions based on the outcome of our studies.

The skillset that NexantECA brings to Project Feasibility studies cover: 

  • Market review including identification, characterization and attractiveness of addressable target markets 

  • Profitability and price forecasts, including “netback” forecasts, or the revenue actually received at the plant gate 

  • Competitiveness review, both on a cash and landed target market basis 

  • Technology reviews, including license availability and cost of production economics

  • Cash flow model (in Excel) resulting in IRR and NPV projections 

  • Alternative configuration evaluation. 


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