The world is facing unprecedented challenges. The market landscape is evolving with a heightened emphasis on opportunities offered within the sustainability and circular economy framework, as well as the challenges and risks presented by climate change and the need to meet the increased commitments to achieving net-zero emissions without compromising prosperity. 

The need to address climate change, through greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and energy transition, offer prospects for new solution technologies and innovation across the value chain which required collaboration between technology developers, suppliers, formulators, producers and brand owners.  It also shows the need for resilient systems across the wider ecosystem to enable sustainable future and growth.

Although there is a shift in the market towards science-based practical solutions away from ideology, the landscape is burdened with competing standards and approaches that can be confusing, a symptom of multiple developing industries and a sign of early market. Clear direction on standardised ESG2 measurement and reporting are required as well as waste classification across borders, preferably within a regulated overarching international trade system. 

With climate risk affecting asset valuations, the capital market appetite shifted towards investments with good ESG performance and competitive financial returns raises an opportunity to the petrochemical industry. Companies in our sector can see real valuation benefit when they are able to demonstrate strong performance in these areas. There is also a global focus on supply chain traceability, sourcing transparency, operational efficiency, and smart waste recovery. Helping the supply chains to adapt and introduce greater resilience has become a priority metric.

NexantECA Sustainability Champions

At NexantECA, we utilise our expertise, in-depth knowledge, and comprehensive datasets to support clients in addressing the major issues facing our industry across the supply chain, for energy, chemicals, and related sectors.  

As a business with experienced industry professionals based in all key regions globally, we understand the different regional priorities. Our global sustainability champions team of experts are well placed to assist on this strategic and operational journey to enable our clients deliver positive environmental, social, and economic impact. We are helping companies to assess their risk, identify opportunities and implement solutions. 

When we talk about sustainability, decarbonisation and circular economy, we discuss the important role our industry can play and its impact on our plant and the environment, the prosperity of our business, the wellbeing of our society, our employees, and the wider community.  It is about doing good while doing well.


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There is a wide range of concepts and approaches that describe/facilitate the transition in the industry and the implications of sustainability and climate change on our sector.  At, NexantECA, we provide clients with a range of offerings to support key strategic and operational decisions driven by changing industry dynamics. 

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  • Energy & Power 
  • Chemicals & Polymers 
  • Carbon Capture and Storage 
  • Recycling and Waste Management 
  • Social impact  
  • Investment and Finance 
  • Regulations and Standards 


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