Technology Evaluation and Management

Technology Evaluation & Management


Trusted advisory services from concept-to-commercial operations

NexantECA experts track many chemical, refining, and energy technology development efforts…from novel polymer catalyst systems to clean energy technology. Our technology analysis capability ranges from assessing the material performance benefits of novel technologies in contrast to incumbent routes, to preparing competitive economics to assess competitiveness. We can identify world-class technology or practices and recommend a case for action in areas such as: 

  • Technology analysis, screening and selection 
  • Identification and appraisal of technology options 
  • Comparison of new process technology to incumbent routes 
  • Technology due diligence (i.e. independent opinion on novel technology) 
  • Competitive technology intelligence 
  • Identification and development of strategic technology partnerships 
  • Technology and operational benchmarking 
  • Cost of production modelling and benchmarking

In clean energy, we have provided technical, environmental, policy and management consulting (e.g., owner’s engineer) services to various global energy industrial sectors and governmental agencies. Our focus is on advanced technology system analysis and end-use application integration. We offer real-world process design, engineering experience and techno-economic analysis on a broad range of energy systems including: advanced clean coal technologies; CO2 capture and sequestration; and cutting-edge renewable energy power generation concepts, including solar thermal, biomass power generation and fuels production.


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