Training Courses and Workshops

NexantECA Training creates and provides world-class training courses, online and remote, public and in-house, that aid progression, development and a greater understanding of today's chemical industry. 

At NexantECA we have recently expanded the scope of our training courses to include sustainability and plastic waste, where we look at topics such as the energy transition, shifts in hydrocarbon feedstocks, the circular economy as well as options for mechanical and chemical recycling.  In our workshops we help companies and professionals understand how these forces will shape our industry in the future. 

NexantECA regularly presents a public course called Fundamentals of Plastics for a more sustainable world and we have recently launched a new workshop called Hydrogen: clean and powerful.  We also have a variety of training modules on sustainability that can be presented in-house and tailored specifically to clients’ needs.

Hydrogen: Clean and Powerful

A virtual workshop to provide understanding hydrogen’s role in the energy transition. The world’s energy transition is gathering speed and hydrogen will play a key role in it as a clean fuel and energy carrier.  Hydrogen has significant potential as an energy source:  it is abundant and clean and it can be used directly as a fuel or as a source for other fuels.  But perhaps most importantly, hydrogen can be used in combination with renewable electricity, either producing it, storing it or being produced by it.

However, hydrogen has challenges.  Most hydrogen produced today comes from fossil fuels which generate green-house gases.  Clean hydrogen is possible but expensive and storing and transporting it requires investment.

Key Topics Covered
  • Hydrogen sources
  • The hydrogen supply chain
  • Demand scenarios for conventional and new uses
  • Economic assessment
  • Regulation
  • Interdependence with renewable energy


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In addition:

Fundamentals and Actions to position Plastics for a more Sustainable World

A workshop for professionals in the Plastics Industry.

Versatile, durable and affordable, plastic materials are inescapably embedded into every aspect of our daily activities. Yet the impact of end-of use waste and evolving expectations across the plastics value chain are putting pressure on the industry for change.

This workshop explores the fundamentals of the plastics industry and the possible actions to achieve a more sustainable model for the future.


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