Jun 2022
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Market Insights: Lithium Chemicals - 2022

Market Insights: Lithium Chemicals - 2022 provides a comprehensive review of the global lithium chemicals market, including lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide and briefly lithium chloride, lithium bromide, lithium metal, organolithium chemistries. The report focuses on the two primary sources of supply, lithium brines and hard rock spodumene.  In recent years, hard rock sources have overtaken brines as the leading source of lithium.

Analysis includes a discussion regarding key market drivers and constraints for each region:  North America, South America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and China.  Competitiveness analysis, including competitive landscape and cost competitiveness for lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.  Price history and forecast to 2035 with commentary regarding latest trends.