Dec 2020
Polymers and Plastics

Market Insights: Polyolefin Elastomers - 2020

This report provides analysis and forecast to 2035 of supply and demand of the global polyolefin elastomers market and includes polyolefin elastomers and In-situ thermoplastic olefinics (In-situ TPOs).  

Polyolefin elastomers demand is segmented by polymer medication, footwear, wire and cables, and ‘others’.

In-situ thermoplastic olefinics (In-situ TPOs) demand is segmented by automotive, building and construction and others.     

Market Insights: Polyolefin Elastomers - 2020 includes discussion regarding key market drivers and constraints, as well as supply, demand and trade analysis for nine regions: North America, South America, Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and China.  Analysis also includes the competitive landscape, capacity listing and cost competitiveness along with a snapshot of latest pricing trends by region and price forecasts to 2035.