Sep 2020
Polymers and Plastics
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Olefins from Mixed Plastics Waste – Are Thermolysis Routes Viable?

This report examines the technical, economic and business aspects of thermolysis (i.e., pyrolysis and gasification) of mixed plastics waste. Analyses of the mixed plastics waste and the thermolysis plant location are included in the report. Selected developers of pyrolysis and gasification technologies are profiled and ranked under different criteria. The economic analysis of thermolysis technologies (involving the production of syn-naphtha and methanol) and olefins production (i.e., ethylene and byproduct propylene) are provided for different geographic regions. In addition, the report includes an analysis of the regional competitiveness and profitability in the USGC, WE, and China of olefins production compared with various oil price scenarios. Strategic and business considerations are also included in the report.