May 2022
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Biorenewable Insights: Conventional Carbohydrate Feedstocks (2022 Program)

This report examines the various options for carbohydrate feedstocks. Technology analysis includes crop production and sugar production from carbohydrate crops. Economic Analysis includes cost of production models for sugars (4 corn dextrose models, 3 sugar beet sucrose models, and 4 sugarcane sucrose models in each region as regionally relevant) and crops in the US (2 corn models, sugarbeet, sugarcane), Western Europe (wheat, corn, sugarbeet), Brazil (2 corn models, 2 sugarcane models), Asia (2 corn models in China, and Sugarcane in India). A regional supply analysis is also included. Expected contract pricing for sugars and utilizable intermediates (e.g., thick juice) is also provided.