May 2022
Polymers and Plastics

Cost of Production Model Handbook: Asia Pacific - Petrochemicals, Polymers, C1 Chemicals and Fertilzers - 2022

This report presents the methodology and assumptions used to generate the archetype cost of production models, supporting the analysis included in the QBA reports, which are published at the end of each quarter through the year.  Over 600 models are available to download from the NexantECA client portal.  


This report is specifically geared to provision of technological and cost data, defining the configuration of all archetype plant cost models.  Although archetype plants are not modelled directly on any specific production asset, the capacity and process consumption factors of plant models are reviewed, to ensure they reflect the spread demonstrated by actual operating units.  The cost of production models presented in this report display the current plant capacity, yield patterns, and utility consumption factors for the models used in the 2022 QBA Program.