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Thermal Conversion Technologies – An Answer to Recycling Plastic Waste?

This report will examine the technical, economic, and strategic aspects of thermal conversion (e.g., pyrolysis and hydrocracking) technologies that are used to recycle mixed plastics waste. Selected developers of technologies will be profiled and ranked under different criteria. The economic analysis of thermal conversion technologies, with carbon capture, involving the production of feedstocks for petrochemicals (e.g., olefins and aromatics) will be provided for different geographic regions. In addition, the report will include an analysis of the regional competitiveness and profitability in the USGC, WE, and China of petrochemical production under various oil price scenarios. A carbon intensity analysis based on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions will also be provided. Strategic and business considerations, such as integration with MRFs and collaborations among key players in the plastic industry, will also be included in the report.