Jul 2024
C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers
Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Materials

Hydrogen Peroxide (2024 Program)

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents known. Current capacity is almost exclusively based on the anthraquinone auto-oxidation process. However, R&D developments are focused on progressing a direct synthesis process (i.e., without the use of an anthraquinone working compound). In this report, NexantECA discusses the motivations behind the recent capacity additions and provides a high-level analysis of the business and strategic considerations including technology availability from the perspective of a company entering or expanding into the hydrogen peroxide market. Process economics are provided for production facilities located in the United States, Western Europe, Middle East, and China. This analysis is underpinned by a review of end-use sector consumption and global capacity. Additionally, this report examines the carbon intensity of the main production routes.