Oct 2022
C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Market Scenario Planning: Green Ammonia - 2022

Market Scenario Planning: Green Ammonia report provides NexantECA’s scenario forecast for green ammonia demand out to 2045 by key region and application (marine fuel, power generation, hydrogen carrier, fertilizer derivatives and industrial end uses).  Scenarios forecast demand based on low, base and high assumptions whereby underlying policy, cost learning curves and adoption of green ammonia in each application evolves in fundamentally different ways.  As well as the scenarios, detail on the current situation of the market and key market drivers (carbon intensity, market pressure, cost competitiveness and policy) are provided.

This report is part of our new Market Scenario Planning program which looks at emerging products, market events and end-use industries where scenario forecasting provides more value due to the higher uncertainty associated with the subject.  Scenarios are defined as low, base and high and are informed by NexantECA’s expert knowledge of chemical, fuel and fertilizer markets.