Oct 2022
C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Biorenewable Insights - Green Ammonia (2022 Program)

This report is an extensive techno-economic overview of available renewable ammonia technologies in the context of the radical decarbonization required for the ammonia industry to reach COP25 goals. Major technologies are covered in a modular fashion including hydrogen provision, ammonia conversion, nitrogen capture, and carbon capture and sequestration. The report benchmarks blue ammonia against green ammonia ventures in terms of carbon intensity and economic competitiveness. Blue ammonia models cover ATR and SMR routes in detail, including flue gas capture and including potential sensitivities of costs for geological sequestration dependent on distance, injection well depth, and terrain. Green ammonia models cover both full-rate production and evaluate claims of cost competitiveness under intermittent production against a wide variety of plant-gate ammonia pricing and electricity pricing scenarios using an innovative probabilistic methodology.