May 2024
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

NEW Quarterly Business Analysis: Sustainable Aviation Fuels - Q2

This new report series provides quarterly tracking of profitability and associated metrics in the sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) market, allowing subscribers to benchmark the major technological routes to SAF (HVO, alcohol-to-jet, biomass Fischer-Tropsch and power-to-liquids) by profitability, region, and carbon intensity over time.  In addition to rolling output from NexantECA’s in-house cost of production modelling for the different SAF types, the service will provide key market information including product and feedstock prices, capacity developments and regulatory updates, supporting clients in addressing important questions:

  • How do the main SAF technologies compare in terms of production cost?
  • How do these costs vary for producers in different regions?
  • How does the potential for emissions reduction – i.e. carbon intensity – vary between technologies and regions?
  • Which technologies and locations offer the highest margins for producers?
  • How does feedstock choice impact both carbon intensity and profitability?
  • What are the expectations for new competing capacity additions, in terms of scale, technology and location?
  • In a regulation driven market, how are current rules being implemented, and what’s on the horizon for new regulations?