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Biorenewable Insights: Green Tires (2024 Program)

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the tire industry's shift towards sustainability, covering the background, objectives, and scope of sustainable practices in tire manufacturing, including the economics, carbon intensity, and environmental impacts of key materials and the exploration of sustainable alternatives. It covers green tire technology, examining bio-based rubber innovations, the application of nanotechnology, and sustainable material replacements, with a forward-looking perspective on future green tire technologies. Additionally, the report discusses recycling and end-of-life management for tires, emphasizing the significance of recycling, various recycling processes, and associated environmental, health, and safety considerations. The economic analysis explores the financial aspects of green tire production and recycling, including cost, pricing, and regional economic impacts. Environmental impacts and sustainability practices are scrutinized through Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon intensity comparisons and sustainable manufacturing best practices. The report also identifies the interests of key stakeholders in the green tire industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, consumers, and environmental groups, underlining the comprehensive approach to fostering sustainability in tire manufacturing and usage.