Nov 2023
Polymers and Plastics
C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers
Renewable Chemicals and Energy

Packaging Design for Recyclability and Cost (2023 Program)

The report provides an extensive analysis of packaging design for recyclability, examining the mechanics and economics of blown film extrusion, cast film extrusion, bi-axially oriented film extrusion, and thermoforming across three key regions: the United States Gulf Coast (USGC), Western Europe, and China, referencing Q2 2023 pricing data. The report delves into the carbon intensity of these processes measured in tons of CO2 equivalent per ton of produced material. The report covers the fundamentals of the recycling value chain for both mechanical and chemical recycling, analyzing recyclable contents beyond plastic as well, and offering insights into recycling practices for aluminum, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, and glass. The report examines the factors affecting the recyclability of plastic packaging, the obstacles to achieving effective recyclable packaging, touching on technological limitations, regulatory factors, and material availability, and discusses the dynamics of global harmonization and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes. The report also analyses various polymer types and their suitability for recycling, building on the earlier discussions of material requirements and recycling challenges.