Nov 2022
C1 Chemicals and Fertilizers

Market Analytics: Urea - 2022

Market Analytics: Urea - 2022 provides analysis and forecasts to 2045 of supply and demand of the global ammonia industry.  This analysis identifies the issues shaping the industry as well as provide demand, supply and net trade data for 40 countries/regions.  Urea demand is segmented by key end-use including direct application fertilizer, biofuels, DEF/Adblue, industrial applications and for 'other fertilizers.  The report captures:

  • Consumption: Assesses historic and forecast consumption; forecasts are based on projections of end use and economic activity.
  • Supply: Includes a list of all producers, their production capacity, location, etc., and discussion of the status of new projects.
  • Supply, Demand and Trade: Provides historical analysis and forecasts to 2045 of consumption, production, imports/exports, inventory build-up/decline, capacity and capacity utilization.