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October 06, 2020

EVENT - Three Day Virtual Learning Petrochemical Workshop

NexantECA Virtual Learning Petrochemical Workshop

Note, this Training Event was held on the 6th October - if you missed it Contact Us for further information.

Join Vice President Manuel Asali as he presents our famous Global Petrochemical Industry course over 3-days though a live video platform. Interact other attendees and learn about the industry key topics and dynamics, discuss the future of the business and ask questions. You can connect from anywhere using your own computer.

Date: October 6 - 8

Host: Manuel Asali

Fee: $2,200

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Topics covers in the Virtual Workshop include:

  • Feedstocks – From oil, gas, and coal to biomass; where they come from and how they influence the economics
  • Chemical building blocks – How the seven basic petrochemical building blocks are converted into the industry’s most important products
  • Technology and economics – Their inter-dependency and the impact of new technologies
  • Market of each key chemical – Supply, demand, and trade
  • Change – The industry’s massive restructuring
  • Main players – The petrochemical players and their history
  • Major applications – Fertilizers, polymers (plastics, fibers, paints, rubbers, resins, etc.), consumer products, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Hot topics – Biorenewables, coal to chemicals, methanol to olefins, the shale revolution, etc

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